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The best projects and the best clients put time into forming the right teams, aiming to work together from the earliest possible stage. Working together as a team can enhance whole-life value while reducing total cost, improve quality, innovate and deliver a project far more efficiently than in a traditional fragmented relationship that is often adversarial.

Through the benefits that Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) can provide, we believe that long-term collaborative relationships can promote better value for money through working together to

  • Improve design, including operational efficiency

  • Minimise the need for costly design changes

  • Repeat good practice learned on earlier projects

We offer an integrated Value & Risk Management service to Design Consultants and Clients early in the conceptual stage, allowing multiple design alternatives to be considered in terms of functionality and financial viability without duplication of efforts during the latter stages of the planning and development phases of the project. The key deliverables therefore include

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Whole Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Planning

  • Feasibility studies & Estimates

  • Value Engineering

Through this early collaboration of traditionally opposing sets of project criteria the richness in the preferred design solution achieved not only satisfies all functional requirements, but also ensures that the best value for money is offered at a very early stage to the client thereby minimising the risk of costly whole sale design changes and abortive work. This is then followed through to the procurement and delivery stages, ensuring that Client expectations are therefore successfully established, managed and maintained throughout the entire project.

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